Lazy Summer Hacks

Hello Lazy Ladies!

So, the summers are finally here and it’s already making us go crazy. Ice cubes…. drink coolers…. skin tans…..mosquitoes…. Phew!  So if you are too lazy to sweat it out in this already sweaty weather, stop sweating! Learn these wacky summer hacks and beat the heat 🙂

Avoid Friends Who Don’t Have Air-Conditioners

Don’t want to step into that furnace your friend calls a house?  Don’t!! Temporarily avoid all your friends who don’t have AC installed in their humble abodes. This is spring cleaning at its best! Also, the best way not to be guilt tripped into a miserably hot get together. Next time, a friend calls u to his/her place, ask very politely if they have good cooling arrangements at their spots. If not…well then….you can always ping – “Later, losers.”


Eat Only Ice-creams For the Rest of Your Summer

Yes, ONLY ice-creams, ice candies, frozen yoghurts, sorbets, snow cones, gelato, slushes….. Salivating already? Imagine the sheer variety you will come across! Also, we present to you…. the all new ICECREAM MENU!!

BreakFast: Cold Coffee with Ice-creamSummer Berry Parfait with Yogurt and GranolaWatermelon SlushPeanut Butter and Jelly Ice-cream Sandwich

Lunch:  Curried Coconut Icecream with Mango Chutney,  Custard Apple IcecreamVanilla Orange Freeze,  Iceceam Dome Cake

Afternoon/Evening: Lemon Soda Float Papaya Lime SorbetFrozen Strawberry Yoghurt 

Dinner: Kala Khatta Gola Banana Split Icecream BurgerSweet Red Wine Icecream Chocolate and RaspberryRoulade 

Also, you can just go to any of these wonderful food delivery sites and order your favourite flavour from your favourite site! –  FoodPanda, Swiggy, BigBasket, and Nature’s Basket.                                   icecream

Use Portable Fans

How many times have you felt that you are not getting enough air or enough cooling? You don’t need to rush to the front of the air cooler or position yourself right below the fan to get airy.                                         giphy

And you didn’t think those handheld fans are used by anybody else other than “Geishas”..did you?                                             tumblr_mln7p8aJNO1qfa9ryo1_400

Thanks to INNOVATION… Now you can  have a portable fan attached to your mobile phones. So the next time you feel the heat, don’t go to the pond, let the pond come to you!  You can buy these online here:

Portable USB Mobile Fan for Android


Portable Cooling Fan + Smartphone Battery Charger


Bottle Mini Fans and  Portable Mini Water Spray Cooling Cool Fan Mist

Iphone Fan


Now welcome the breeze ….. conair


Get an Aloe Vera Plant at Your Home


Aloe Vera is one of the best thing to happen to your skin. It’s a one-stop wonder drug. It also has cooling properties similar to menthol. The gel is useful in recovering from sunburns, skin infections, skin rashes.


Still skeptical? Dig this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See HOW to use Aloe Vera here.
So now that you have realized the importance of “THE ALOE”, why not use the fresh gel, instead of one with chemicals and preservatives? Go ahead, order an Aloe Vera plant HERE!

Or you can order the gel online too. There are many options in the market. Here are some good ones – Fabindia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel,  Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel, Brihans Aloe Vera GelNature’s Essence Aloevera Moisturising Beauty Gel and Khadi Natural AloeVera Gel.


Use Dark Curtains

The best way to deal with the hot sun entering your house is to put DARK BLACKOUT CURTAINS. Yes, just like a vampire’s liar!

Dark curtains cool down your house by blocking out the sun. The air-conditioning works better and more efficiently, thus saving on your energy bill. Draw the curtains before you leave home, so that they can block out the sun’s rays and your house will be few degrees less hot by the time you come home. You can buy one through clicking on the below options.

swayam-8369-066032-1-zoom                    51A2FDDOycL


Sleep Like an Egyptian

Does it feel like you are sleeping on a hotbed? Worry not! Here’s what you can do to sleep comfortably:

  • Fold your bed-sheets/bed-covers and put them in the fridge. Keep them for around 1-2 hours. Before sleeping, place the bed-sheets on the bed. The moisture will make you feel cooler and sleep comfortably.
  • Wipe your face and hands with a damp towel
  • Put some ice in a towel, wrap it up, tie the towel at both ends and suspend it in-front of the AC, cooler or a portable fan. The evaporated air from the ice-cubes will make the air cooler. Place a holder/container below the towel to hold the melting water from the ice-cubes.
  • Wear cotton while sleeping
  • Sleep like an Egyptian!



Visit Museums

Want to visit a place where you can get air-conditioning without spending a fortune? Check out the nearest museums in your area. Museums house  artifacts which require perfect air-conditioning. So, the next time you want to step out, instead of a shopping mall or a movie theater, go to a museum. Art and History lessons plus air-conditioning…for free!! 😀 😀



Buy a Pool for Yourself

Feeling too lazy to go to the community pool? Buy one for yourself! Order an inflatable and portable swimming pool for yourself and get soaked! But make sure you have ample space to house the pool! Order one here or here. Make sure you have an inclined surface to dive in or else you will make a splash like this – pool.gif

Even if you didn’t feel like putting the above tips to use, i’m sure at least some of them made you smile 🙂 Enjoy the summer lazy bums… Adios!


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